Our Artists

Linda Blackbourn – Gala Owner & Linda Blackbourn Jewelry                                             

A creative soul — Linda has been designing gemstone jewelry for more than a decade — selling online as well as at local fairs and several stores throughout the US. One of the original founders of ArtSpring, an artist run co-op originally founded with Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Linda co-founded GALA in 2012 and now partners with co-owner Anne Stone. “Creating Gala has been as rewarding as creating my artwork. It is a positive place for artists to reach out, mature and “be found. Come find us!”

Anne Stone – Gala Owner & Two Cats on a Stone                                             

Anne Stone creates beautiful works of pottery, stained glass and locker hooking, an old English fabric craft.  She teaches these crafts and other folk arts in the mountains of Western North Carolina and splits her time between Washington, DC and Montreat, NC. Her work is sold in the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC and other galleries in NC and the DC area.  She also has been featured in a folk art show at the National Archives in Washington, DC.

Carol-lynn Swol – Carol-lynn Swol Jewelry                                             

I create well-crafted jewelry in sterling silver and karat gold that has an organic beauty designed for a fashionably modern woman who feels an affinity for a style that harkens to another time. I strive to make my jewelry elegant without being flimsy, gorgeous without being precious. I enjoy creating jewelry that illustrates a variation on a theme. My work could be considered limited production rather than one-of-a-kind production, but no two items will ever be exactly the same.

Mike Gerecht — Woodcrafts By Mike

Mike uses a lathe to turn wood or acrylic at a high rate of speed while he fashions it into pens, keychains, letter openers, bottle stoppers and other small gift items. After being shown how to make a wood pen in a woodworking class he became hooked on woodturning and now specializes in using olive wood he imports from Jerusalem to make pens and wine bottle stoppers. Mike lives in Kensington, MD.

Deb Soromenho – Deb Soromenho Jewelry

I’m Deb Soromenho; mom, wife, designer, metalsmith, and multi-tasker extraordinaire! I make sterling silver, copper, & bronze jewelry using traditional goldsmith techniques (which basically means I get to use lots of fun tools & equipment!) Honestly though, I just make jewelry that I love to wear; jewelry that feels exotic & worldly and reminds me of all the places I’ve visited & would love to visit someday! –and I’m truly grateful to everyone who loves and buys my jewelry, you’re why I get to continue doing what I love! Thank You!

Martina Sestakova – RADOSTTM Infinity Scarves 

Martina Sestakova, a native of the Czech Republic, is a textile designer based in Rockville, MD, who creates unique fabric designs through painting and photography inspired by her travels. Her brand RADOST™ is the Czech word for JOY, her favorite word. She loves the messy yet exciting world of creativity and turns her creations in unique fashion and home decor textiles. Martina is an artisan featured at the Smithsonian American Art Museum gift shop in Washington D.C.

Jody Mussoff – Ceramics

Jody Mussoff, a long-time Washington area resident, has been making colored pencil drawings for over 30 years, and has turned to ceramics for the last 15 years. Her drawings are in museum collections including the Hirshhorn Museum and National Museum of Women in the Arts. She sells her ceramics in various shops in the area, and works on them in her studio in Front Royal, VA.

Doris Ross – Vitrifications

My fascination with glass became a serious creative pursuit in the new millennium. My pieces are created and shaped by fusing layers of fine glass, sometimes with fine metal or organic elements, at up to 1,500’F in an electric kiln in multiple firings. My designs are often inspired by the glory and splendor of nature—its innumerable acts of random beauty! I travel frequently overseas, always returning with lots of inspirations, and rejoice in color—unabashedly!

Tia Blassingame – Primrose Press

A book artist/printmaker and teaching artist, Tia Blassingame  founded Primrose Press—a letterpress & book arts studio— where she prints letterpress papergoods and artwork on an antique printing press. Her eco-friendly letterpress stationery is intended to connect the sender and recipient in a more meaningful and personal way than everyday electronic correspondence. Her stationery and handmade books are available in stores across the country, and her artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Mary Kearns – Herban Lifestyle

Mary Kearns’ mission is to make the world a happier, healthier, better-smelling place. As owner of Herban Lifestyle, she fulfills this mission through the creation of handcrafted bath and body products made with organic, Fair Trade and natural ingredients, in attractive earth-friendly packaging. Herban Lifestyle is certified sustainable through Green America and cruelty-free through Leaping Bunny. Mary holds a BA in Fine Arts and a PhD in Developmental Psychology, with focus on Health.

Karen Klein – KLK Studios

Karen L. Klein lives in Kensington, around the corner from homes her grandfather built over 60 years ago. Her work in graphic design and glass arts now informs the jewelry she creates from laminate samples, game pieces, and packaging remnants — items we’ve gotten used to throwing away. The nonprofit she helped bring to the area, SCRAP DC, sells these and other such material at very low cost to artists of all ages. SCRAP also serves as a community resource, teaching that not all waste is necessarily trash. Karen is looking forward to offering SCRAP workshops at GALA and other locations around Montgomery County.

Heidi Leech

I’m a crafter, web designer, and former engineer, trying to satisfy the competing sides of my brain by working on creative, visual things in a nerdy way. I like to make drawings, “styro” prints, and recycled/found paper collages into note cards and journal covers.

Hillary Blackton – Divine Life Yoga

Hillary lives in Gaithersburg, MD and among other things teaches yoga from  her home studio.  Her major in college was art.  Before devoting time  to the passion and meditation of art, she raised a family of three children.  Being inspired by an artist friend, her light catchers  developed.  When hung outside, they move and sparkle and in the  sunlight.  Photographically, her passion for capturing beautiful scenery  led to original photographs that adorn the front of blank greeting cards.

Denise Krepp – Elon Augustus Accessories
Elon Augustus accessories are hand made by Capitol Hill designer Denise Krepp.  Her headbands, barrettes, and jewelry bring lighthearted, colorful splashes of fun for girls of all ages. Ribbon, vintage buttons, and recycled jewelry are reused to create whimsical accessories that can stand up to a hard day at the playground.


Soyini George – Yinibini Baby

After graduating from college, I started Yinibini Baby! All of the clothing and accessories are all handmade or screenprinted and /or block printed by hand. I enjoy making pieces for others to enjoy, so indulge! All of my pieces are made with the comfort of baby and the ease for parents in mind. The bibs have a waffle shaped chenille fabric side that catches all of baby’s surprises and a stylish cotton side.

Renee Sonnichsen – Hardwear bags by Renee

Launched in 2001, Hardwear By Renee is a handbag line specializing in contemporary
handbags. The handbags are designed with atypical items such as hardware and recycled materials. The collection features a range of modern colors with a clean urban style. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company is owned and operated by Renee Sonnichsen, an artist and designer. She strives to create a line of strong, sexy, and smart handbags that easily transition from day to evenings. Inspired by her vision of today’s woman, the line of handbags proves durability need not be dowdy, nor femininity fussy and fragile, that’s hardwear, and that’s you.

Elizabeth Langsfeld – Madhatter Ceramics

After teaching high school history for over a decade, I decided to change directions and explore my childhood passion for ceramics. While I began on the wheel, I am currently playing with hand-building. Mad Hatter Ceramics reflects my passion for all things whimsical. My favorite pieces merge form and function – they are artfully designed objects that can be used in everyday life.

Mark Poulin Jewelry

Years ago I took some metal classes at the local Recreation center here in Oakland called Studio One. I learned how to make a wax carving from a drawing and how to cast it in to sterling silver. It is still a process that fills me with excitement and fuels my creativity. The only thing I love more than metal work is drawing and Mark Poulin Jewelry allows me to keep doing both. My biggest challenge is editing my drawings down to their simplest essence so they will still pack in the personality but can still be worn as jewelry.

All of my sterling pieces are made from original wax models.  Enamel is applied in three thin layers and kiln-fired at 1400 degrees.  Original screen prints made from my drawings are applied and fired in the last step.

Jackie Bryant Campbell

Drive By Bags

Christoph Poly – Cronos Designs

Olivia DeSoria

Danny K Bags

Suly Uberman

Paula Garcia

Becky Garrity

Bobbi Kittner — Unique assemblages from wood

Cate & Levi – puppets and toys from upcycled and felted wool sweaters

Butterfield Pottery

Anne Lewis – Paintings, Stationery

Mary Giamatteo – Pottery

Michelle Sasscer – Wool Gathering

Patrick Donovan – US Wood Toys

Jane Kohlenstein – BuzzMills

Moon Spoon – Wooden Spoons and Gifts

Brooke Behnken – Fuzzy Mug

John Davis – Fisticuffs

Lynn Bailets – Wood Sculptures

Jessica Blaszczak – Piggy Banks

Amy Abrams – Metal Clay and gemstone jewelry

Katie Stack — Stitch & Rivet — Hand painted scarves and leather work

Elaine Marks – decoupage

Grace Mahanes – Nuno Felted shawls & Accessories

Mina Greenfield – Metro magnets & Keychains

Chaya Richman

Paige Hirsch 

Ruth Beer Bletzinger — Ruthieline — hand made jewelry

Stefanie Doebler – Yellow House Knits